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This gallery is currently under construction.  It will contain Shannon Loos-Vankawala's work, other art therapist's work, and client work.  All clients and art therapists have signed a release for use of the images. Some images contain links to external sites for any interest for purchasing prints. 
Art therapy is not about making something beautiful, although sometimes it may end up aesthetically pleasing. Art therapy is about the process of the art making.  It's the transformation of internal ideas, processes, emotions into something external and tangible.  It's the hard work of exorcising the confusing, non-linear elements of our human existence to learn and understand through sometimes primal processes. 
Expression is not just something for SOME people.  It's a necessity for ALL humans. 

If you are an Unfolding Potentials client or an art therapist and are interested in submitting your art work for art therapy data collection and display, please push the Contact UP button and request a Consent to Submit Art form.

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