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Committed to Helping People

Shannon uses a person-centered, strength-based approach to help you organize thoughts, navigate patterns and obstacles, and clarify steps toward your unique goals. She finds that goals can appear very clear cut at first— such as secure a new job or find a new place to live.  However, self-doubt, anxiety, uncertainty, unexpected emotions, and more may arise to cloud the path to those goals. Shannon believes all of these elements are important to you as a whole person. She can explore these pieces with you to really see what may be holding you back, and uncover a way forward that is filled with acceptance and balance.

Along this journey, she can also discuss art therapy options to help you express yourself with accessible materials and non-threatening, creative prompts. The intention is to help you bring internal struggles to the external realm where those struggles can be seen, transformed, and let go.

Shannon’s overall approach is one of creativity and trust in YOU at the present moment.

When you are ready, go ahead and reach out. We can get through the struggle together.

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